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Monitoring Wells/Hazardous Waste Drilling

Monitoring wells and sampling of potentially contaminated soils takes great care to accurately install wells and obtain samples. Wells must be set and backfilled properly to obtain the needed samples from the specified zone. Each site requires the drill crew to adhere to the Health and Safety protocol required to avoid injury to the people on site and the general public. Safety must always be the primary concern.

Pennsylvania Drilling crews are experienced with most of our drillers having over 20 years experience with the company.
Two workers at a drill site working on a drill rod

It is this experience along with continual training that gives our company it’s outstanding safety record.

Pennsylvania Drilling has always had a reputation for doing the unusual. Our crews are talented with the ability to adapt to unusual conditions. If the project requires remote locations where difficult access is a problem, Pennsylvania Drilling crews can complete the project.

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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