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Foundation Investigation

Foundation Investigation

All foundation investigation borings have the same purpose: gathering of information. The better quality and quantity of information, the better the foundation design will be. Our crews pride themselves on high level of core recovery. Missing or “blown away” rock layers force a designer to make assumptions and necessarily increase construction costs to compensate for the lack of information. This is not acceptable for our crews.

We stock and train our crews in the use of double and triple tube coring systems for maximum recovery in all standard sizes. For caisson concrete verification borings we carry triple tube wireline core barrels at 3.270” core diameters, conventional barrels in 4.00” and 6.00” core sizes for maximum recovery.

Our region has a wide variety of geologic conditions that present a number of challenges for designers. We routinely drill into open mine voids, encounter Slickenside layers, Karst formations and the deep sand and gravels of the river valleys. Our crews are trained and experienced enough to cope with these problems and finish our projects on time. We routinely cooperate with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on projects related to the new construction, restoration and maintenance of the vast number of locks and dams in our region. Working on the rivers is challenging, but our crews and management are up to the task, able to switch methods when conditions change rapidly.

Our drilling division has the manufacturing division fortifying it’s efforts. It enables us to customize tooling, eliminate supply chain issues and respond to unexpected obstacles. We have made custom fishing tools to save an already drilled well. We built specialized instrumentation for real-time, down-hole, pressure testing, computer monitoring and data recording. Plus any type of sub, adaptor or job specific drilling rods. Our variety of rigs makes us suitable for any exploratory or environmental condition.

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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