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Grout Plants

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Grout Plants

PennDrill Manufacturing, utilizing parts and design from the UK-based Colcrete Ltd, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality High Shear Colloidal Grouting Units.

PD411H Grout Plant
PD411H Grout Plant

The PD411H is a small footprint high shear Colloidal grout plant that packs a punch. Similar to the PD1011H capabilities, the PD411H provides more mobility and spatial efficiency. This unit provides the reliability of producing high breaks, but the versatility of a small mixer.

PD1011H Grout Plant
PD1011H Grout Plant

The PD1011H is PennDrill’s most popular Grout Plant. Equipped with a Colcrete Mill which is regarded as one of the best high shear Colloidal mixers on the market, the PD1011H offers a self-contained unit creating ease of portability with a user-friendly operating system. This high shear Colloidal Grout Plant will help you reach reliability on your grout. Great for mini-piles, soil-nails, rock anchors, industrial and commercial grouting, and for mine grouting.

PD1011E Grout Plant
PD1011E Grout Plant

The PD1011E is the modern day version of our popular PD1011H Grout Plant. We
designed this unit to meet specific needs for the mining and tunneling industries. The PD1011E being fully electric is great for environmental friendly projects. Serving the same capacities as the diesel hydraulic version the DP1011E requires less maintenance and overall upkeep.

Grout Plant Specifications

Model PD411H PD1011H PD1011E
Drive Diesel Engine w/Hydraulic Drive Diesel Engine w/Hydraulic Drive, Available with High Pressure 3rd Circuit Fully Electric Drive 480V, 3P
Mix Tank Equipped with Colcrete Mill 40 gallon 74 gallon 74 gallon
Pump Tank 65 gallon 198 gallon 198 gallon
Holding Tank 38 38 38
Mono Pump Output 38 gallons/minute 38 gallons/minute 38 gallons/minute
PSI Max 240 Max 240 Max 240
Mixer High Shear Colloidal High Shear Colloidal High Shear Colloidal
Weight 6,000 lbs. 6,000 lbs. 6,000 lbs.
Dimensions 96” x 77” x 77” 103” X 89” X 105” 103” X 89” X 105”

PD411H Brochure

PD1011H Brochure

PD1011E Brochure

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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