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Paddle Mixers

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Paddle Assisted Grout Mixers

PennDrill Paddle Mixers are designed to accommodate a wide range of materials including neat cement, bentonite and non-shrinking grouts.

PD50 Paddle Mixer
PD50 Paddle Mixer
PD285 Paddle Mixer
The PennDrill PD285H paddle mixer was specifically designed for the water well and geothermal contractor in mind.

Paddle Assisted Grout Mixers

Model PD50TR PD50SK PD285SK
Mount Trailer Mounted Skid Mounted Skid Mounted
Gas Engine 16 HP w/Hydraulic Drive 16 HP w/Hydraulic Drive 18 HP w/Hydraulic Drive
Batch Capacity (Gallons) 60 50 60
PSI Max 150 Max 150 500 PSI Piston Pump
Output 12 gallons/minute 12 gallons/minute 20 gallons/minute
Pump Progressive Cavity Progressive Cavity Double Action Piston

PD285H Brochure

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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