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Grout Pumps

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Grout Pumps

PennDrill manufactures and supplies the comprehensive range of PennDrill high pressure ram and piston pumps, widely used for the pumping of cementitious grouts bentonite and other slurries in the construction, tunnelling and mining industries.

Minicol 160DHP Grout Pump
Minicol 160DHP Grout Pump

The Minicol range of ram pumps cover the lower pumping rates and offer great flexibility in that they can be supplied for either vertical or horizontal installation and are available as “single acting”, “double acting” or “twin” pumps. They are designed for reliable operation and easy maintenance, having quick release valve assemblies. They are suitable for use with most grouts, bentonites and other slurries.

RUPE Grout Pumps are ideal for backfilling Bore Holes, sealing Well Casing and Abandonments to Slab Work and Foundation Grouting.

Grout Pump Specifications

Model Minicol 160DHP Rupe 500 Rupe 1000
Description Double Action Piston Pump Double Action Piston Pump Double Action Piston Pump
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
GPM 20 20 20
PSI 1450 500 1000

Grout Pumps Brochure

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