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Hoisting Plugs

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Hoisting Plugs

The hoisting plug also known as a pull plug is used to lift drill rods for core drilling and are a necessity for any drill rig. It connects the hosting line with drill rod so as to hang the drill rod joint or lock joint to lift the drill. Can be easily be subbed to capture a wide range of rods and casing. It is mainly comprised of bail, roller bearing, and tool joint thread.

PennDrill manufactures with only high quality alloy material and stocks all of the most common threads as well as those not so common including box connections. We can make any hoisting plug you would need if we machine the thread.

If your needs call for Solid Bail Lifting Hoists, please call 1-800-245-4420.

Two Hoisting Plugs set on top of a barrel

Drill Rod Hoisting Plugs

Size Casing Part No.
A E-103
AW E-104
N-3 E-114
N-4 E-108
NW E-109
AWJ E-111
BWJ E-114
NWJ E-112
NWL E-116
HWL E-115
PWL E-319
BWL E-117
AWL E-118
2 3/8 FEDP REG E-119
2 3/8 REG E-558
2 3/8 API IF E-120
2 7/8 API REG E-126
2 7/8 API IF E-122
3 1/2 API REG E-123
3 1/2 API IF E-124
2 3/8 MAYHEW REG E-132
2 3/8 MAYHEW JR E-128
4 1/2 REG E-138

Casing Hoisting Plugs

Size Part No.
AW E-206
BW E-208
NW E-210
HW E-212
4"FJ E-222
PW E-214
SW E-216
UW E-218
ZW E-220
HWT E-137

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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