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Recovery Taps

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Recovery Taps

Recovery taps are a necessary accessory to every drillers’ tool box. Fishing tools, as they are sometimes called, are essential in recovering tools left in the hole. Taps can either be bell or spear type and threads for the connection end and tapping end can either be left or right-handed.

All Recovery Taps are heat treated to Rockwell Scale 45-50 for the strength and hardness required. PennDrill manufactures a wide range of wicker lengths with varying maximum and minimum outer dimensions to ensure capturing the lost rod or casing.

PennDrill stocks the most common recovery taps and threads to ship the same day to save the drillers time and money. We can also customize taps to meet your needs.

Recovery Taps lined up from largest to smallest on a table

Rod Recovery Spear and Bell Taps

Size Spear Part No. Size Bell Part No.
EW R-202 EW R-102
A R-203 A R-103
AW R-204 AW R-104
BW R-205 BW R-105
N R-206 N R-106
NW R-207 NW R-107
HWL R-208 HWL R-108
NWL R-209 NWL R-109
BWL R-210 BWL R-110
AWL R-211 AWL R-111
NXB R-212 NXB R-112
NXE R-213 NXE R-113
MJR R-214 MJR R-114

Casing Recovery Spear Taps

Size Part No.
EW-EX R-301
AW-AX R-302
BW-BX R-303
NW-NX R-304
HW-HX R-305
PW R-310
SW R-311

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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