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Water Swivels

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Water Swivels

PennDrill manufactures both light duty 1″ side feed water swivel as well as a heavy duty with a 1.50” side feed and is a perfect tool for your auger type drill. This swivel was designed with the driller in mind. Hole after hole of trouble-free operations are designed into this and every PennDrill swivel. Rugged yet simple construction allows a complete rebuilding job to be done in the field in a minimum amount of time. Ask about other threads if needed.

Water swivels set on top of a barrel
Diagram of 1 inch side feed water swivel
Diagram of 1.50 inch side feed water swivel

Light Duty Water Swivels Thread Connection & Part Number

Thread Connection A AW AWJ BW BWJ NW NWJ 2 3/8 REG 1 ¼-7
Part No. G-404 G-401 G-408 G409 G-410 G-403 G-407 G-411 G-432

PennDrill’s heavy duty 1 1/2 side feed water swivel could be the answer to your problem, if you are running an auger type drill but can’t locate a water swivel with proper flow capacity. This swivel has a 1 1/2 water course throughout. Call PennDrill today to discuss the hex and rod connection you need.

Heavy Duty Side Feed Water Swivel

Thread Connection Hex Connection Side Feed Inlet Part No.
2 3/8 MJR 1 5/8" 1.50” G-701
3 1/2 API REG 2” 1.50” G-722
2 3/8 MJR 2” 1.50” G-721

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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