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Safety Hammers

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Safety Hammers

Sampling and Drive Hammers

Hammers from PennDrill will be on your drill for years to come. 140 pound sampling hammers and casing drive hammers are a necessity on most drill rigs. Special purpose hammers can be built by PennDrill to your specifications.

140# Safety Sampling Hammer

The name tells you why PennDrill manufactures a 140# safety hammer. This hammer takes the place of conventional hammer in standard penetration testing. The impact block is threaded and welded into the body for double protection. The anvil and stem are also threaded and welded for years of trouble free sampling. The rod coupling is replaceable, bringing repair costs and downtime to a minimum. Take PennDrill’s 140# safety hammer out on your next sampling job and see the difference.

300# Safety Hammer

This hammer is the same style and quantity of our 140# hammer. Available upon customer order.

Diagram of a safety hammer

Replacement Parts

Figure 1 2 3 4 5 5
Description Striker Head Body Anvil & Stem Jar Collar AW Coupling* AW-AWJ Sub*
Part No. I-101 I-104 I-103 I-102 003-003-005 003-005-013

No matter what the project is, Pennsylvania Drilling Company offers creative solutions that meet your needs.

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